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Dry-Cleaner's, Full Service Laundry, and Tailor Alterations in Berlin and Potsdam

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In Berlin, Potsdam, Germany and Austria: Dry Cleaning and Tailor Alterations Shop

Wax Jacket Service, Skiwear and Down Jacket cleaning per post in Germany and Austria

Dry Cleaning Clothes and Jackets

From shirts, suits and blouses to winter jackets. All items are ironed by hand according to our quality standards.

Designer Fashion (Couture Service)

Experienced Dry Cleaners ‘Coton’ is specialized in Designer Fashion: feel free to inquire about cleaning as well as alterations or to just drop by.

Barbour Jacket Service Berlin

Barbour wax jackets can be cleaned and waxed in our shop. We also offer Barbour jacket repairs! Optionally with Pickup & Delivery.

High Quality Down Cleaning

The following articles belong to our specialization: down comforters, down pillows, down jackets, down coats.

Carpet Services in Berlin & Potsdam

Almost every carpet can be professionally cleaned to excellent condition. Call us or send us a message to discuss details.

Curtain Cleaning Services

We offer curtain cleaning not only for private households but also for businesses, holiday homes, doctor’s offices and much more.

Bed Linen Service for Holiday Homes

Wool blankets, quilts, bedspreads, bed linen will be like new with us. Service for both private households and businesses alike.

Restaurant Tablecloth Service

Laundry Coton offers professional cleaning for tablecloths, napkins and much more. Service for private househols and businesses.

Terry Towels Cleaning

Cleaning of towels, bathrobes and other utensils from the gym, the wellness area, the sauna club or the cosmetic studio.

Doctor's Office and Pharmacist

Workwear usually requires special treatment. Our experienced specialists carefully observe all the regulations.

Cleaning of Work Clothes

Hand your workwear into professional cleaning: we accept everything from police jackets to officers’ uniforms.

Sewing Service for Boat Upholstery

Furthermore, Tailor ‘Coton’ offers a sewing service for Boat Upholstery. Regardless if you own a small boat or a luxury yacht, get in touch.

Pickup and Delivery Service

Especially recommended for our elderly customers and businesses. Your items will be picked up by our team and delivered to your door clean, fresh and on time.

24 Hours Express Service

We value our customers’ time. Punctuality and Quality of our Service are the core values of our company spanning 30 years in Berlin and Potsdam.

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Client Recommendations Reviews of Dry Cleaners & Tailor 'Coton' in Wannsee

A great and professional service. I have been a customer for years and only bring my expensive designer clothes to this cleaning company.

I once took my Woolrich jacket to another cleaning facility, which was completely ruined there. Then I went to Andac for textile care and behold the team saved my jacket with the fur collar. Then my Woolrich jacket looked like new again.

I am absolutely satisfied and have had complete confidence in this cleaning since then.

Michael Uwe Meyers

First class work, friendly service, acceptable prices.

Reinhard Wöhlert

My best laundry, thank you Ms. Andac.

Soneide Costa Stein
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Königstraße 23
14109 Berlin Wannsee

030 8051439
Mo-Fr 8:30-18:00 | Sa 9:00-13:00

Highly Specialized Dry Cleaner’s & Laundry with Tailor Alterations Services

Cleaner’s ‘Coton’ is a reliable Full Laundry and Tailor Alterations Service with exceptional experience and quality guarantee since 1980.

We value Quality in our Services

All items are ironed by hand and thus meet the quality standards of our family company.

Textilreinigung mit Qualitätsgarantie in Berlin und Potsdam
Änderungsschneiderei für Designer Garderobe

Dry Cleaners Coton in Berlin-Wannsee Specialization, handicraft and reliability are our core values

Laundry ‘Coton’ in Berlin and Potsdam offers one of the best Price-Quality rations for a dry cleaners. Washing, cleaning as well as alterations of Shirts, Blouses, Designer Brands, Wedding Dresses, Silk, Boat Upholstery, Bedding, Curtains, Carpets are our daily tasks.

Tailor ‘Coton’ takes upon alterations and fixes of all kinds, including Designer Brands.

COTON is a member of Textile Cleaners Guild Berlin-Brandenburg
(Textilreiniger Innung Berlin-Brandenburg)

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